About Us

What is FINC?

FINC. for migrants is a spin-off from an academic research performer at the University of Amsterdam in 2019. We found that migrant entrepreneurs have limited access to the legal knowledge needed to start their business properly. New in the Netherlands, a network is what entrepreneurs need, and a network and knowledge are what we want to provide.

Our research was funded by Instituut Gak. FINC. is supported by the Amsterdam Law Hub. We won a starters grant from IXA to start a business aimed at filling the gap of knowledge of migrant entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Through our jobs in academia, FINC. builds on knowledge available at researcher institutions across the country: the University of Amsterdam and Free University in Amsterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen and Brightlands Institute for Digital and Smart Society.


FINC. Stands for Financial Inclusion as it is a human right or as Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus puts it: “Financial inclusion and access to credit is a human right, because of its power to correct injustice in the world. Providing access to financial services and enabling is an obligation that governments need to fulfill.

We do know that migrant entrepreneurs put twice as efforts as local entrepreneurs, due to the size of their network. Fortunately, we are here to help you minimize the efforts to build your network and to reach to the people who are of importance to you.

All you need to do is sign up for our website and we will directly get in contact with you to listen to your problems and help you solve them. In our policy, your business is our business.

Listening to you

Who are we?

Tesseltje de Lange


Tesseltje de Lange is an entrepreneurial academic with expertise in the field of migration and integration law. She co-authored “Van azc naar een baan” and is now project leader of the Entrepreneurial migrants to work project at the University of Amsterdam.

As co-founder of FINC. I dream to bring entrepreneurial migrants the legal knowledge needed to start anew in the Nederlands“.

Ous Haidar


Ous Haidar is an International Tax Lawyer. He co-managed the “Know Your Rights” project. Now, he is a co-founder of FINC and works as a researcher in the field of Law and Data Science.

As a refugee entrepreneur, I believe in utilizing the potentials of the migrants to the maximum for a prosper economy.”

Jebid TemTemi

Marketing Intern

Jebid is a last-year international business and management student at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Currently taking on the “marketing intern” role, she is passionate about diversity and inclusion and equality topics and hopes to be better acquainted with through her work at FINC.

Our Previous Work (in Dutch)

Previously we did research into asylum seekers and refugees’ right to work in the Netherlands (funded by Instituut Gak). Do you want to read more about that topic?

Check out “Van azc naar een baan” factsheet
The book of “Van azc naar een baan”

You can check also the video below.